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Successful Capping of main steel structure frame at the kiln inlet of China Resources Wuxuan Project undertaken by CDI

Release Time:04/08/2022             

On March 12, after 120 days and nights of hard work, the steel structure frame at the kiln inlet of China Resources Wuxuan project undertaken by CDI on EPC basis was successfully capped, and the project entered the peak time of its construction.

On October 24, 2021, the civil foundation of China Resources Wuxuan project was commenced with the first hook of the steel structure frame at the kiln inlet. The kiln inlet was designed with a ten-layer frame structure, of which nine layers were steel structure, with built-in six-stage double-row preheating and pre-decomposition system, kiln dust and raw meal homogenization steel silo. In order to ensure that each floor had sufficient safety passages and edge protection, when installing the main frame structure of each floor and the preheaters at all levels, the installation of the inter-floor platform, stairs, railings, and the frame structure of the elevator shaft were completed simultaneously. In order to ensure the installation progress, the project department strictly controlled the fabrication progress of the frame steel structure and preheater, refined the installation procedures and plans of each layer of frame, platform and preheater, and reasonably organized hoisting, assembly welding, flaw detection, steel column grouting, and the process tracking inspection was strengthened, the quality was strictly controlled, and the impact of the Spring Festival and the rainy season has been overcome, and eventuallty capping of the main steel structure frame at the kiln inlet was completed as planned.

The capping of the main steel structure frame at the kiln inlet marks the milestone progress of the project. China Resources Wuxuan Project Department will make persistent efforts to accelerate the construction of the project, and strive to complete the project as soon as possible.

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