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Engineering Design

Usually engineering consultancy and engineering design are both considered as engineering design service. 

Engineering consultancy is to provide, at the request of client, intelligence service within the time limit for decision-making, implementation and management of economic development and engineering projects by using knowledge of scientific technology, economic management, laws and etc. Its service scope includes compilation of project proposal, feasibility study report, project application report and fund application report (for some projects, it further includes selection of project site, project planning, pre-feasibility study, preliminary design and etc.). The service scope also varies from different administrative examination and approval procedures for different types of projects, as according to Decision of the State Council on Reform of Investment System, it depends on whether a project is invested by the government, or it is subsidized by the government, or it is a major or limited real estate investment project within the List of Investment Projects Approved by Government.

Engineering design is to, based on requirements of the project to be constructed, conduct comprehensive analysis and demonstration of technical, economic, resource and environment conditions of such project and compile design documentations, including two successive stages: preliminary design and construction drawings design.

For a project of engineering consultancy and design, the design follows the order as consultancy-design-technical service. A typical design process covers the following successive procedures: compilation of project proposal, feasibility study/project application report, preliminary design, construction drawings design, technical service, among which the output of each previous procedure is indeed the input of the next step. For the same design project, the previously completed procedures may provide technical and quality information to the successive design procedures.

Guiding by the principle of safety and reliability, advanced technology, reasonable costs, energy saving and environment friendly, we provide design products and services of top quality and bring optimal investment efficiency to our clients.

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