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Successful Ignition of 6000TPD Clinker Cement Production Line Undertaken by CDI on Turnkey Basis for Binchuan Branch of Yunnan Hongta Dianxi Cement Corp. Ltd.

Release Time:06/22/2020             

At 11:29 a.m. on November 29, 2019, the 6000TPD clinker cement production line undertaken by CDI on turnkey basis for Binchuan Branch of Yunnan Hongta Dianxi Cement Corporation Limited at Hongshuitang Village, Binchuan County (hereinafter referred to as Binchuan Hongshuitang Project) was ignited successfully at its first attempt, one month earlier than scheduled in the contract. Mr. Li Shuangyou, Chairman of Hongta Dianxi Cement Corporation Limited and Vice President of Yunnan Hehe Group, Mr. Xu Dunshan, General Manager of Hongta Dianxi Cement Corporation Limited, and Mr. Chen Qingbing, General Manager of Binchuan Branch of Hongta Dianxi Cement Corporation Limited, attended the ignition ceremony and the bagged cement offline ceremony together with Mr. Jiao Feng, Chairman of CDI, Mr. Yu Yeping, Chief Project Officer of CDI and Project Manager, and Mr. Wei Dong, Chief Procurement Officer of CDI.

Bagged Cement Offline Ceremony

Binchuan Hongshuitang Project is a project of political significance, as it actually carries out the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Dali and implements relocation and transfer of cement industry around Erhai Lake within the deadline set up by Yunnan Province and Dali Prefecture. Facing the severe challenges of short schedule, vast work scope, high environment requirements, tough cost control and etc., with support from leaders of various levels, CDI by making deliberate deployment and careful organization, and the project team by devoting themselves whole-heartedly to the project, have surmounted hardships one after another, guaranteed safety, high quality and effective execution of the project, and finally achieved the target to accomplish the whole line as scheduled, winning high recognition and wide attention from the owner and the society. 


With the successful ignition of Binchuan Hongshuitang Project, CDI’s project team will keep up the good work, try to finish performance tests and outstanding minor works at the earliest as possible, and make sure smooth handover of the project to the owner.  

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