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Yunnan Hongta 6000TPD cement production line

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1. Project Introduction

To built a 6000TPD clinker production line with an annual production of 2.24million ton of clinker, 2.8million ton of kinds of cement on turnkey basis. Scope of works includes limestone mine, a complete 6000tpd clinker cement production line, off-site water resources works, office and accommodation building, canteen, etc.

2. Project Characteristic

1)  rich oxygen burning system is equipped for this project due to high altitude of 2240 meters in the main construction area where the oxygen content and air pressure is much lower.

2) CDI has developed especially for this project a low-pressure-loss and low-nitrogen precalcining system used in high altitude area for the burning system which has a higher thermal efficiency, lower systematic resistance and lower concentration of NOX initial emission.

3) the cement mill has adopted a double powder separation semi-finishing grinding system with roller press developed by CDI, it reduces 10 kwh of electricity consumption for each ton of cement comparing to general closed grinding system.

4) field control system (FCS) is used in the whole production process to realize modernized control, monitoring and operation.

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