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CDI China Resources Wuxuan Project Successful capping of the first clinker silo with a diameter of 75 meters using the slip-form process in China

Release Time:04/08/2022             

On March 31, 2022, the slip-form construction of the clinker silo with capacity of 200,000 tons and diameter of 75 meters of the China Resources Wuxuan Project came to a successful conclusion, laying a solid foundation for the project to be completed ahead of schedule.

 Since the start of the China Resources Wuxuan Project, the clinker silo has been delayed for more than three months due to complex geological conditions and high underground karst cave rate. If the traditional mold-turning process was still used, it might result in delay in achieving the contractual time schedule. In view of this, the CR Wuxuan project department was encouraged to explore and find an innovative solution, and after repeated discussions and consideration, proposed a plan to replace the mold-turning process with the slip-form process, which has been unanimously agreed by the owner and the experts.

After the plan was confirmed, the CR Wuxuan project department successively organized all project participants to jointly discuss and formulate a special construction plan for the clinker silo sliding form, and arranged all the sliding form construction operators to have a thorough discussions and communications about safety and technology. At the same time, the Party branch of the project department set up a special task team, formed a party member commando team, led all the staff of the project department to twist into a single rope, overcome the impact of the epidemic and the rainy season, and finally successfully completed the task of sliding for construction. An extra-large clinker silo with an inner diameter of 75 meters and a height of 31.3 meters has been erected from the ground.

    The clinker silo is the largest clinker silo designed and built by CDI, and it is also the largest clinker silo known in the industry using slip-form process. The overall construction quality, molding effect and various construction control tolerances are highly recognized and appreciated by the owner and the supervisor, which once again reflects the spirit of CDI to overcome difficulties and pioneer innovation.

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