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GOE Double Swing Rotating Rail Bridge over Suez Canal in Egypt

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El Ferdan Double Swing Rail Bridge EPC Project

1. Project introduction: 
To built a new horizontally rotated double swing steel rail bridge on the new Suez Canal and to upgrade the existing single rail bridge into double rail bridge on the old Suez Canal on turn-key basis, together with supporting rail road of 11km, road of 3km, mechanical and electrical equipment and housing works. 

2. Project characteristics: 
(1) The World first giant horizontally rotated double swing rail bridge,with longest single span and rotary body of 340 meters length.
(2) The rail locking system is mainly designed by CDI acting as the leading role , and manufactured in China, it is also the first intelligent control, efficient and safe rail locking system in the world that has been used to start and locking a rail bridge.
(3) To adopt the world highest standard of operative reliability which has a triple safety system that includes Power system redundancy, intelligent system monitoring operation and emergency pure mechanical management system, so as to ensure the convenient and smooth transit of the water passage.

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